Why the New Visionary Coddington Uardry Poll - A True Multi-Purpose Merino?

The new Coddington Uardry Poll Merino sheep has been developed specifically for the emerging, multi-faceted markets of the future. Decades of work, experience and homework has prepared us for the final step.

Matching the Visionary Coddington Uardry Poll Merino to Future Market Conditions

Future market influences of direct relevance to sheep breeders are specifically resulting from 3 key drivers:

  1. A growing global shortage of energy;
  2. A growing global shortage of food; and
  3. Increasing concern from consumers in developed countries for ethically and sustainably produced farm products.

From this, we constructed the newCoddington Uardry Polll Merino type in anticipation of:

  • Premium rewards for natural fibres (i.e. grass - not oil-based fibres) capable of producing fashionable, next-to-skin fabrics;
  • Premium rewards for grass-fed, lean meat protein;
  • Premium rewards for ethically, safely and sustainably produced fibre and food protein; and
  • Ongoing high sheep prices – with premiums for lean, growthy lambs, hoggets, adults and breeding ewes.

The New Coddington Uardry Poll Multi-Purpose Merino Meets All These Demand Factors

This translates into:
  1. An elite, silky-soft adult Merino wool of 18 to 20 microns (hoggets 16 to 17.5u), on animals cutting over 4.5 kg clean (6+ kgs greasy @ 72% yield);
  2. High yielding, high eye muscle, tasty, shelf-life resilient lean meat from grass;
  3. Plain-bodied and polled – surpassing ethical, safety and sustainability standards;
  4. High weaning percentages to capture surplus sheep and prime lamb value.

Written by Charlie Massy | Severn Park, Cooma NSW
Coddington Poll Classer at the time.
(Ahead of the pack).


29 April, 2016 at Dubbo show with 500 lambs from all different breeds.

Grand champion, pen of 6 Coddington Uardry merino lambs; 2nd overall in heavy weight export over the hook section; Highest scoring for carcase suitability of lambs to the trade, scored 9 and a half out of 10; Average dress weight 31.27kg; Dohnes highest suitability to the trade; This is the 3rd year in succession of winning this section.

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