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Bill Walker, Sheep Classer and Advisory S.A. commented in Classings Classic 2018

"The $11,000 Coddington Uardry Poll that sold at Classic ’16 to Calcookara has left progeny that are hard to find in this state-true New England-like white wools with aligned crimp and lustre yet on high trait, meaty carcasses. Keep an eye on these stud people!” end of quote."

John & Hugh Buckley and family, Kingsvale via Young

"Since changing to Coddington Uardry they have ceased mulesing and the progeny up to 2.5 years of age have not had one with flystrike, where there older mulesed sheep have had some flystrike. The wool is longer stapled, finer and sheep are a lot better in constitution and mature faster to market."

Michael Millner, President Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

Dear Susan,

As President of the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW (RAS) I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support of the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year, in particular for helping us celebrate the bicentenary of the RAS.

Your attendance at the Show enables the RAS to carry out its mission to promote sustainable agriculture and therefore forge the future of the agricultural industry and its communities in Australia. As you may have seen with memorabilia and photographs around the grounds at the Show, we have proudly carried out this mission since 1822.

This year was made even more noteworthy for many at the Show with the visit by Her Royal Highness, Princess Anne, the Princess Royal. At the opening ceremony, the Princess Royal said, β€œThe Show draws whole communities together and serves as a forum for the agricultural industry to share stories with the wider community,” and we take considerable pride in the role we play in this each year as we bring country and city together and celebrate the Australian way of life.

Planning is well under way for the 2023 Show to ensure we continue to bring you the finest agricultural experiences and entertainment whilst continuing to support our rural communities.

Next year's Show will run from 6-17 April, and our hopes are high for another sensational Show and worthy celebration.

on behalf of the RAS and the Sydney Royal Easter Show team, thank you, and we look forward to welcoming you back again next year.


Michael Millner, President
Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

Peter Safstrom, Heathcote Vic

"I manage 2700 acres along with our family farm of 700 acres in central Victoria. Been using Rams bred by Graham Coddington for 35 years and have always followed his breeding strategies keep up with present market trends and breeding sheep for high profit per head with less inputs in management easy care lambing percentage still increasing this year.

131% merino marking 120% one twin mob; cull ewes joined with white Suffolk marked 183% joining, over 3,000 ewes annually. 2018 Coddington Uardry blood lambs of mine not grain fed six to seven months of age Avg. 21.9kg equals $150 clear; 17.5micron wool off these lambs 5.5 months old 69mm in length sold for 1470 cents per kg in February 2018 to Italian spinners. Last year kept lambs longer avg 28kg sold for $192 per head."

Terry, Allen and Cheryl Nagorka, Alpine Back, Trundle Road, Parkes, NSW

"Long time client for 30 years change to Dohne 2003 now using Coddington Uardry meat family rams whole drop of wether lambs 330 sold over the hook to Southern meats May 2017. Average dressed weight 32.5kg at $5.80 per kg cut 3.5kg of wool sold 1200 cut per kg. Been a total of $230.00 per head on current prices August 2018 would make $299 per head."

'Thank a Farmer Day' at the Royal Easter Show

NSW - and in my opinion, the Dubbo electorate πŸ˜‰ - is home to the best farmers in the world and the Royal Easter Show is a great celebration of that!

Farmers are not only the backbone of our bush communities - they're also the backbone of the NSW economy.

NSW is home to a diverse range of primary industries, from beef, dairy and poultry to world-class wool, and despite a lot of recent challenges, the sector is stronger than ever before - its a record $20.9 BILLION industry!

I'm really proud to represent this industry, the farmers who are the heart and soul of all of our country communities, as well as the Dubbo electorate 🀩

For me, the highlight of the show has been running into so many fantastic primary producers and students from the Dubbo electorate!

- Dugald Saunders MP

Coddington SheepMaster (Shedding Sheep Australia)   Production Sale

80 Coddington SheepMaster Stud and Commercial Rams. Sale begins at 1pm.


'Gilgai'  400 Westella Road, Geurie NSW 2818

On-Property Coddington Uardry Poll Merino Ram Sale

100 Poll Merino Rams.
Inspection of rams 10am. Sale 1pm


'Gilga' 400 Westella Road, Geurie NSW 2818

Coddington SheepMaster

Stud and Commercial Ram Sale

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