Sale Results 2015

On property Ram sale "Catombal"

48 Dohne Rams Sold to a top $4000 to Average $1686

Results from Great Southern Supreme Merino Show, Canberra January 2015

Champion March shorn superfine wool poll ram.

Champion August shorn medium strong wool poll ram.

Champion August shorn fine medium wool poll ram.

Champion Poll ram of the sale.

Champion August shorn medium strong wool Poll ewe.

Champion August shorn fine medium wool Poll ewe.

Second in August shorn Breeders Group.

Being “raised in the sheepyards" in a stud sheep producing family in NSW, Australia, Graham Coddington has spent a lifetime in the sheep industry. He took over the Roseville Merino Stud from his father, George Coddington in 1973, so sheep and wool have always been a major factor in his life. Graham has bred Merinos for 38 years, and become well known for breeding some of the best in the industry, achieving two Australian Supreme Merino ram awards in three years, and winning many major awards in the show ring over almost four decades. The Roseville Park name became synonymous with good quality, productive sheep, which “bred on” for clients.

In 1999 Graham took on a new and exciting challenge to breed a dual purpose Merino.  His detailed research indicated that the Dohne produced good quality wool, as well as excellent carcase and increased fertility with no compromise to his established wool quality or sheep breeding principles. His journey with this breed over the past thirteen years has proven to be exciting and profitable. This “pure” merino breed is all about the basics of good production and dollars per hectare.  The sheep are run on a 2100 hectare property 85kms south east of the regional city of Dubbo in Central Western Slopes NSW, on natural and improved pastures receiving 650mms of rain annually (in a normal season!).

Sale Results 2012/13

September 2012 On Property sale at "Glenwood" saw 100 Dohne rams offered and sold to a $3800 top and $1660 average.

Hamilton Victoria November 2012, 35 rams sold to $3000 and averaged $1260.

This year 2013 April to July, 1100 Dohne Cross Ewe & Whether Lambs pasture feed with no supplementary feed, sold from $4.2 to $5 per kilogram and averaged $115 per head.

Sale Results 2011

Hamilton ram sale avearaged $1470.

On Property Ram sale held at Glenwood. The average was $2088.

Autumn Production sale February ram sale result.  100% clearance with an average of $2152 and a top of $4200

Sale Results 2010

On property ram sale 100 Dohnes offered with a 100% clearence and $2022 average.  Top price of $4500.

Hamilton ram sale 51 Dohnes offered with a 100% clearence and a $1720 average with a top price of $2600 twice.

Carcase Results

Proving that quality does count, Fletcher International created a first when they held a carcase competition at the inaugural ANZ National Dohne Expo at Dubbo in 2007. It was judged on meat yield and the value of each cut of meat in the box for commercial distribution. It was an enormous task to cut, weigh and value each individual cut, however, provided invaluable information on the productivity and suitability of the Dohne to meet market requirements.
The superior muscling traits of the Roseville Park lambs resulted in five first places being gained out of six classes judged in the competition. The Champion carcase in both the under 50kg, trade weight lamb and the over 50kg export lamb classes were both awarded to Roseville Park.

At the 2008 ANZ Dohne Expo, Roseville Park won the F2 class and the Champion heavy weight carcase. The latter with an animal with a live weight of 59kgs, which killed out with a dressed weight of 32.5kgs.This equates to a yield of over 50%.

There were 39 pens of lambs entered in an all breeds hoof and hook competition at the inaugural NSW State Sheep Show held in Dubbo, in May 09. Black Dorpers, white Dorpers, white Suffolks, Poll Dorsets, first and second cross lambs and SAMMS and Dohnes were represented. On the hoof Roseville Park Dohne achieved one second prize, however, on the hook proved another story, achieving two firsts, three seconds and Champion ad Reserve Champion carcase and most successful exhibitor over all in the over 60kg class. The winning carcase scored 98.5 out of a possible 100 points. The two 50 to 60kg section winners achieved 95.5 and 94 points respectively and the best of the other breeds scored a top of 88 points.

A draft of 165 lambs sold in June 09 at Forbes reached a top of $136/head to average $122 for the whole consignment.

Wool Results

11th Australian Fleece Competition

Australian Seep and Wool Show Bendigo Victoria July 2011

Grand Champion Ewe and Wether Fleece

Champion Dohne Fleece overall

Highest Commercial value fleece in the dual purpose section.  Valued at $73.59.

Weighed 7.1kg Micron 18.3 SD 2.8 micron CVD 15.3% Comfort Factor 99.9%

In 2011 the entire clip of purebred Dohne ewes wool averaged 5.9kgs/head of 19.2 micron wool, with a comfort factor of 99.2%. An average comfort factor of over 99% attests to the softness and handle of the wool.
Wool clip results have been pleasing with 18.3 micron Dohne hogget wool, sold in May 2011, bringing 1350c/kg.

Since the inception, in 2002, of fleece competition for Dohne wool, Roseville Park wool has set the pace by consistently dominating the field for quality and commercial value. In 2007 the Roseville Park entry at the Bendigo, Australian Sheepbreeders Show and Sale, won the Champion rams fleece and highest commercial value dual purpose fleece awards with a 10.8kg, 18.2 micron rams fleece. It was undefeated at three shows across eastern Australia. The ANZ Dohne Expo at Dubbo again resulted in the highest commercial value ram and ewe hogget fleece being awarded to Roseville Park for a fleece with 10 months growth. The reserve champion ewe fleece and champion F1, F2 and F3 fleece also being secured.

At the Bendigo fleece show in July 2008 the Champion and reserve champion fleece of the show and the most successful exhibitor awards went to Roseville Park for fleeces with the same breeding as our top indexing ram NB05 0182. The commercial value of the Champion fleece was $71.

Sale Results

220 Wether lambs sold in June to TN&R Pastoral Tamworth works.  Average dressed Wt. 27kg and returned $181 with a $12 skin value.  They also cut a $30 fleece value. 

220 Surplus ewes one and half year old scanned in lamb to Charolais rams off shears. Sold for $276 per head in April

6 year old CFA ewes April shorn sold July 2010 for $159 over the hooks to Fletcher International

Wether lambs sold October 2010 for $160

On-Property CU Ram Sale

Friday 17 September 2021

Dunedoo interfaced with AuctionsPlus
"Avymore" 1050 Springridge Road,
Gulgong NSW 2852

Agents: Mr Brad Wilson, Nutrien Ag
Scott Thrift, Elders Dubbo
Angus Munro, Stud Classer, 0437929195.

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