Can Such a Visionary New Sheep Type Be Built?

Emphatically YES – and it already is: but only through great skill, experience, technical knowledge, judicious use of measurements, and by using the best genetics available. How is this possible?

The secret is the use of powerful, prepotent major gene effects.

Up to now, people trying to combine the above traits have failed, falling between the stools: as seen in Comebacks and other Merino-derived breeds with average wool and indifferent physical traits. The Coddington Uardry Poll flock is different, because we have carefully used 4 powerful legs to our new genetic platform: all animals highly prepotent for their particular traits, whilst providing the right body and constitutional type to carry these traits.

Construction of the Coddington Uardry Poll, Multi-Purpose Merino: Four Powerful Legs For a New Genetic Platform

Every animal chosen in the construction process of the new Coddington Uardry Poll type carried one or more traits directly relevant to the ideal Coddington Uardry Poll type envisaged. These comprised:

1.   Roseville Park Ewe and Ram Genetics: the first leg of the platform

These comprised the best ewe and ram genetics from Roseville Park which carried genes for different aspects of the traits described above. Such traits included the combination of elite fibre, carcase and constitutional traits.

2.   Severn Park Ewe and Ram Genetics: the second leg of the platform

Comprising predominantly ewes purchased at the renowned June 2008 Severn Park dispersal (including the world record for a Merino ewe), but also selected ram genetics from the best performing sires, the Severn Park sheep were chosen because they carried major gene effects for advanced skin/fibre (i.e. high follicle density, fine-triggering primary fibre diameters, high s/p ratios), along with high EBVs for growth, eye muscle and fertility.


3.   Judicious use of a few outstanding industry sires: the third leg of the platform

These only comprised proven sires whose traits perfectly matched the visionary goals of a Coddington Uardry Poll multi-purpose Merino.

4.   Judicious use of leading Roseville Park Dohne genetic material: the final leg of the platform

These outstanding sheep were used because:

  • The South African Dohne is a Merino-based breed, 100% Merino, and carefully selected over 70 years specifically for the combination of a Merino wool with carcase traits. At Coddington Uardry Poll we are incorporating the outstanding growth, muscle and constitution/’do-ability’ genes of the Merino-based Dohnes into our flock.
  • The Dohne background carries a powerful and prepotent poll factor.
  • Because Graham and Sally Coddington were the only breeders in Australia to import Dohnes that they themselves had carefully selected, and when combined with Graham’s outstanding track-record as stud-master of Roseville Park and its excellent combination of exquisite fine-medium merino fibres on large bodies plus other desirable traits, the Roseville Park Dohnes quickly became the leading ranked Dohnes in Australia. This was specifically because of their:

(a)  exceptional muscle and growth – evidenced both in measurement (top indexes and high performing sires); in physical traits (e.g. extraordinarily wide bodies, wide back-ends, long-necks, a visible ‘jump-muscle’ bulging across the twist), and their performance in early lamb-finishing; and

(b)  advanced, elite-style and long-stapled Merino fibres which were wholly compatible with the elite fibres from the Roseville Park and Severn Park sheep.

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