1.   An Exceptional and Advanced Merino Fibre

Qualities include exquisite characteristics for silky-softness; brightness and whiteness; elasticity-plasticity; true nourishment; water- and dust-proofness; and superior processing capacities. In turn, these are coupled with high productivity and genetic prepotence for these traits. The latter is delivered through the implantation of major gene effects for the determining skin physiological traits, and via a rigorous subjective and measurement regime.

2.   Exceptional Carcase-Based Traits

These include early maturity at the 200 to 300 day growth stage; high eye muscle depth; the incorporation (directly or through linked traits) of shelf-life resilience (high glycogen in the muscle) and palatability traits. Again, these traits are embedded through the implantation of major gene effects for growth, muscle and similar traits, coupled with a rigorous measurement regime so as to deliver high, commercially relevant and useful EBVs (Estimated Breeding Values).

3.   High Fertility and Constitutional Traits

Through selection for high follicle density skins, high growth and high muscle animals, aligned with experienced subjective selection for wide bodies, long-necks, plain-skins and placid temperaments, weaning percentages of 130%+ automatically follow. Given the reigning and future prices of sheep and lambs, weaning percentages become the key profit-driver in any sheep enterprise.
Linked to the above traits are the 2 critical factors of high protein conversion efficiency and ‘constitution’ genes. By ‘constitution’ is meant the stockperson-craftsperson’s concept (which is measurable) of a capacity of sheep to adapt to their environment coupled with longevity, ‘do-ability’ and disease resistance. To enhance the latter, specific genes for disease resistance have also been incorporated.

4.   Easy-Care, Non-Mulesing, OHS and QA Compliant Sheep

For the same reason as embedding high fertility in the Coddington Uardry Poll sheep (high follicle density, plus growth, muscle and subjective selection), our sheep are plain-bodied and they do not require mulesing: thus delivering maximum animal welfare compliance. The exceptional fibre traits of our sheep mean jetting (use of environmental harmful chemicals for fly-strike prevention)is also redundant.
Further, the strongly dominant poll genes incorporated in the formation of the Coddington Poll Merino flock means wether and ram horn issues are non-existent: important for both QA carcase-damage issues and also human safety and welfare.

A Rolls Royce Sheep

Quite simply, to combine the above features means a new type of sheep: alert but placid, plain- and wide-bodied, long-necked – and not short and wrinkly. That is, a Rolls Royce needs a Merlin engine and not a Mini-Minor engine.

On-Property CU Ram Sale

Friday 17 September 2021

Dunedoo interfaced with AuctionsPlus
"Avymore" 1050 Springridge Road,
Gulgong NSW 2852

Agents: Mr Brad Wilson, Nutrien Ag
Scott Thrift, Elders Dubbo
Angus Munro, Stud Classer, 0437929195.

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